'HAYAL' is the Turkish word to describe daydreams and daydreaming. And as the name promises; guests at Hayal will be immersed in a unique, and deeply creative dining experience. A journey of vibrant fresh flavours, and eclectic energy. A love letter to the buzzing city streets of Istanbul. 

Located on the Mezzanine floor at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, the venue features a lush, colourful and artsy decor. Completely curated, unique, exciting, inspiring, and unforgettable. 

Rene Magritte inspired mural artwork greets the guests at the entrance of the restaurant as they exit the elevator.  

DJ booth area decorated with hand painted mural artwork combined with clever and fun wall installation of vinyl records.  Surrealistic and playful approach is essential in all the creative art solutions at Hayal.  

Mural/installation in a 7 meters long wall niche at the Hayal terrace. This artwork takes a pop art spin on some of the most famous surrealistic characters with addition of classic Turkish icons.

 Pomegranates and greenery hand painted on the wall. Each character individually sculpted, hand painted and installed on the mural surface, creating a 3D effect. 

Hayal's Bathroom Entrance Hallway creates an immersive dream like experience. All elements play together to tell a fun story. Blue stripes pulled down by paintbrushes suggest wrapping sky around the viewer. Orange entrance door is  what seem like a melting down window towards unknown. A single white cloud suggests what the dreamer may find behind that door. Choice of orange colour creates a warm inviting feeling but high gloss surface tricks into believing the floor can be actually wet. And there is actually someone in the room who got his paws sticky...  

As the dreamer follows the paw steps, he/she finds a bright blue plant pot with someone napping in it. 

And of course its a cat, happy, chubby, Turkish cat.

Fun fact:

The cat's figurine is a replica of Maria's cat.

"Head in the clouds" Powder Room

This Interactive installation makes a perfect playful photo spot. Hand made cloud can be pulled down and adjusted to the hight of the visitor for a perfect "Head in the cloud" photo shot. 

Pop art styled, painted and decorated mirror not only frames the cloud but also tells a fun variety of nonsensical stories. Characters on the mirror frame interact with each other, creating a vivid dynamic scene. 

Attention to details

40 Hand embellished menu covers. All covers are painted with unique designs with the idea of every guest at the table having in their hands something special and different. 

Hand painted real size skull

Original design by Maria Kova

Hand painted Wings and sign for a dreamy photo spot.

20 hand painted Turkish coffee pots 

Pots are made so cool and pretty to serve checks in it  

20 hand painted pumpkins for Halloween decoration

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